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Spanish food dish formula (Healthy)

Spanish food dish formula 

Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
35 mins
Total Time
45 mins

A healthy, simple Spanish dish formula created with the freshest wild caught shellfish, a touch chicken andouille sausage, and infused with exquisite saffron flavors. simple to create reception in no time!

Course: Main Dishes
Cuisine: Spanish
Servings: vi
Author: Florentina


-2 c Calasparra, Italian rice or impermissible polished rice (organic)
-1 Spanish onion diced
-3 cloves garlic grated
-2 links chicken andouille sausage sliced
-1 pound wild giant shrimp (tails on)
-2 lobster tails (cut in 0.5 lengthwise)
-1/2 pound black mussels
-1/2 pound paper clams
-1 tsp ocean salt + a lot of to style
-1 tsp smoke-dried Spanish paprika
-1 tsp red pepper flakes + a lot of to style
-1 tsp garlic powder
-1/2 tsp ground coriander
-5 tbsp further virgin oil + a lot of as required
-1 pinch saffron threads
-3 c shrimp stock or vegetable stock
-1/2 c steamed inexperienced peas (optional)
-1/4 c flat leaf parsley (roughly chopped)
-1 lemon withdraw wedges
-3/4 c dry vino
-1/2 c inexperienced olives (optional)


1- victimization the room shears cut the lobster tails lengthwise. Rinse and pat them dry, the transfer to a bowl at the side ofthe shrimp.

2- Drizzle with a lug of oil and season liberally everywhere with the ocean salt, black pepper, garlic powder, coriander, red pepper flakes and smoke-dried paprika. put aside to rest at temperature.

3-Warm up 3the shrimp or vegetable stock and oceanson to your style with sea salt. Add the saffron threads, cowl with a lidand permit it to steep whereas you begin the dish.

4-In an outsized deep cooking pan heat up three tbsp of oil.

5- Add the diced onion with a pinch of ocean salt and sauté till clear. Add the garlic and provides it a decent stir ensuring to not burn it.

6- Stir within the rice ensuring it coats nicely within the oil.

7- Add half the vino and let it simmer till nearly gaseous. Stir within the saffron stock and produce to a boil. cowl with a goodlid, flip the flame all the way down to low and cook for twenty minutes. put off the flame and permit the rice to sit down coatedfor five minutes while not peaking.

8-In a distinct cooking pan heat up a lug of oil and sear the andouille sausage till golden.

9- Add the lobster tails and provides everything a pleasant add all the oils.

10- when concerning one minute add the shrimps and stir to coat. Cook 
for concerning three minutes till the shrimps draw inand therefore the lobster shells flip red. Transfer on prime of the dish rice.

11- within the same pan that the lobster and shrimp has baked in, add the clams and mussels. Hit them with the remainingvino and canopy with a lid.

12- enable them to cook for some minutes till they open and unleash the ocean water. Transfer them on prime of the dish at the side of the sausage, shrimp and lobster.

13- Reserve the juices the clams have baked in to spoon over the dish.

14-Serve your dish besprent with the inexperienced peas, the parsley and fancy with lemon wedges.
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