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Mediterranean food Stew

Mediterranean food Stew


Whole naked as a jaybird Tomatoes- one 16oz will undrained
White Wine-1 cup
Shrimp Stock, Fish Stock, Clam Juice or water-1 cup
Yellow Tail or fish of your choice-10oz cut in bite size items
Shrimp- 10oz naked as a jaybird & deveined
Calamari Steak-8oz in bite size items
Clams- 16oz within the shell
Onion-1 medium cut in [*fr1] & thinly sliced
Potatoes-1 1/2 cups (optional)
Garlic-2-4 cloves minced
Crushed Red Pepper- a pair of teaspoons
Lemon Zest- a pair of teaspoons
Lemon- 1/2 juiced
Fresh Basil- little bunch sliced
Parsley- little bunch sliced
S & P to style


1- If mistreatment cut the potatoes into bite size itemsraise some salt-cured water & boil for regarding ten minutes. Drain &put aside.
2- whereas the potatoes area unit preparation peel & slice the onion, mince the garlic & zest the lemon.
3- Cut the fish & seafood into bite size items.
4- Heat an outsized pot with a splash of vegetable oil over medium heat & add the onions & crushed red pepper. Stir & cook 5-7 minutes till the onion is soft. Add the garlic & cook a second additional.
5-Increase the temperature to medium high & add the tomatoes, reserved potatoes if mistreatment and therefore the wine.wake up a simmer & cook 8-10 minutes breaking the tomatoes up with a spoon & the wine has gaseous.
6- Add within the stock, clam juice or water & come back to a simmer.
7-Starting with the fish raise the pot nestling the items down into the pot. Simmer 2-3 minutes.
8-Into the pool goes the remaining food. Simmer another 3-5 minutes till the shrimp area unit cooked & the clams have opened. Discard any that didn`t.
9- put off the warmth & add the parsley, basil, lemon rind & juice.
10-Give a stir & you`re able to serve. Ladle into bowls.
11- Toast up a bit sensible crusty bread to sop up that delicious broth & get pleasure from your Mediterranean food Stew!!
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