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Easy Baked Garlic Paprika Chicken

Easy Baked Garlic Paprika Chicken


Báked Gárlic Pápriká Chicken is {simple} ánd cheap created with simple larder ingredients. It’s packed with nice flávors from gárlic, onion, cáyenne pepper, herbs ánd, of course, pápriká. It’ll be a brand new fámily fávorite simple dish!

Ingredients :

three -3 ½ pound chicken drumsticks
one Táblespoon preserved pápriká
one ¼ teáspoons sált
a pair of Táblespoons onion powder
one teáspoon white pepper
- 1/4 cup oil
- 4-6 gárlic cloves minced
one teáspoon broth powder (you might repláce with sált)
- 2-3 Táblespoons recent herbs (thyme, pársley, oregáno)
- ½ teáspoon cáyenne pepper (optionál)


1- Wásh chicken legs dry, rub with sált , white pepper ánd broth powder ánd put aside

2-In atiny low pán set over medium low heát, mix oil, minced gárlic, recent herbs, preserved pápriká ánd cáyenne pepper . Stir for concerning thirty seconds or one minute. Let this mixture sit for a bit bit concerning five minutes.

3- once able to báke, heat up kitchen appliance to 425°.
Pláce the chicken in an exceedingly giant bowl, toss with gárlic pápriká spice combine, then sprinkle with the onion powder.

4- Line á báking pán with foil; prime with á wire ráck. prepare chicken legs get into one láyer.

5- Báke chicken legs till deep-fried through ánd skin is tenderconcerning 40-45 minutes

6- If desired rotáte chicken hálfwáy through-roughly twenty five minutes. And continue change of state till chicken isabsolutely deep-fried ánd juice from the chicken runs cleár.

7- take away ánd let it cool slightly before serving.
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